Managing flight operations is hard

We do the hard part with Aerobridge Management Server.

Aerobridge helps operations managers within drone operators and service providers get deep insights into their fleet and service delivery.

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Get deep insights into your operations and flights.

Drone operations are hard, tracking what's going on over time is harder. Say goodbye to dis-organization, keeping track in Excel and hand written notes. Take your drone operations management to the 21st century by adopting a modern digital infrastructure. Aerobridge is compatible with your existing commercial off the shelf (COTS) drones or if you build / manufacture custom ones.

Component Management

Securely store critical equipment and component data for compliance.

Events Management

Record flight incidents, associate flight logs track components.

Identity Tools

Use the latest authentication and authorization technology to provide access to your staff.

Trusted Flights

Add digital flight permissions, log signing and security features for your flight operations.

Trusted Flight.

Modern flight operations for your company.

Aerobridge is specifically built for small drone service providers and assemblers to support your flight operations.

Flight Security

Adopt advanced digital permissioning infrastructure to issue standards compliant digital permissions to your flight controller via your GCS or other methods.

Trusted Hardware

Ensure compliance and tackle the problem of knockoff components. Build and develop a inventory of components that can be verified and audited by your infrastructure.


Simple flexible pricing that scales with your operations.

See what your team can do with Aerobridge by starting with the Lite plan and upgrade to enhance your operations security, complaince and management. You can utilize with your existing fleet of commercial or custom drones.



Basic Component Management

Basic Organization Controls



Verified Components

Advanced Organization Controls

In Good Company

Join the pioneering community.

Aerobridge is built on top of a world-class open source community passionate about drone manufacturing and assembly. You can get involved by participating in our weekly calls and our Slack. Whether you are a drone enthusiast or an expert, join our community to shape the future of drone flights.

Get your OPEX under control.

Develop deeper understanding on your supply chain for your drone operations.

Join our webinar to learn about how Aerobridge can help you with inventory, orders, component organization and supplier management.